Originally we were in the business of Ocean Vacations and Weekend Getaways on sailing yachts all throughout the South Coast of British Columbia. We catered to people, who, wanted to have fun, do some sailing, and relax and enjoy every minute on the water.

It was a that our own Legendary Stories were born, out of everyday moments.  Like the lazy sun drenched afternoons those simple memories would endure the fond test of time.  At the Time, people would often book Weekends, yet without exception, everyone reported the time was too short. This is because they could not fully relax for at least two days on the water, and by that time, we were heading back to city civilization.  

So Now, our focus has evolved  to Providing Pathways into the Wild Natural Environment, Forest or Ocean,  to regenerate our spirit within the framework of ’s blessings and have immediate relaxation so is fulfilling. You will notice, our first in the series of practices deal with and Time.

We are now more aligned with the idea of a wild intuitive interlude, to first Relax , and Second, to learn how to recognize the root cause of our Stress. This Pandemic and a change in Climate are all it takes.

We, at Pacific Windforce, enlist the life energies of Ocean, Forest, and Animals, as fundamental pillars to becoming aware of how all life connects and how we are connected to all life.

It doesn’t hurt that the scenery is – Take your Breath Away –  beautiful.

Eagle, Heron, Sea Gull, Deer, Otter, Whale, Porpoise, Sea Lion, Seal, Bear and Raccoon, all provide a backdrop of support. We are truly able, to solve that feeling of detachment, of feeling lost, of having been away from ourselves and too long.  This is who we are.

Legendary Storytelling from the Southern Okanagan is now a big part of our teachings as everyone has a story to be told and shared.

Gerald Austin