The concepts of reincarnation and that the soul is immortal, are central among these Practises toward Ascension.

For example, one practise, entitled   “Stem Cells”  Practise #71. speaks directly about the devastating impact on one’s soul.  If you grasp the impacts that science and The Medical profession have, you will soon realize that the soul’s and therefore the body’s Divine  health is not even considered, let alone practiced.

Regardless, if you don’t believe you are one to follow this process of life,  people secretly set their heart’s desire on finding a true soul mate.   Hmnnn.

Many of the recent batch of Lightworkers have a common focus to help lift the human consciousness level through an internal process called Ascension.

I Welcome anyone just starting out on their own journey to raise awareness and the first practice from the store at Pacific Windforce is a simple way to grasp the meditative shift ability we all have.  It is deceptively easy and essential learning before delving into the later practises.

The easiest way to think about meditative/shift is to envision something that you normally do.   For example, if you crave a hot bath with candles and a glass of wine, the relaxed ambience is towards a shift in consciousness . If you soak while thinking about all the emails you have to answer, and what the kids are up to, the bath is not meditative.

For guys, if you relax at an outdoor campsite, preferably by a Lakeshore and you pause and enjoy the beauty and the sounds, you are meditating towards a shift.   If you are doing the same, but thinking in a busy way about work.  You are not meditating, sorry to say. 

These practises on this website, come from the spiritual realm.  It is an everyday occurrence for many people.

By increasing your vibrations through meditation,  one’s shifted physical abilities will quickly and dramatically change and you will automatically become more aligned with the term Spirituality, in other words, connecting with your Galactic Family.

 If you already meditate and follow any number of Laws, types of yoga or reiki, Taro or other, you will find our Practises  extremely timely and incredibly helpful.  The author is Father Absolute!!!  If you have a base of clients, these will help improve your business.

Connecting with our Galactic Family is unique , and many extraterrestrial groups in higher dimensions have come to visit our near Space to witness and help with the earth process.  We are not alone.

All Practises, help effect a raising of vibrations and an opening to awareness of one’s genetic history. It will soon become obvious that the solutions here , requires that you open your mind to the future, ignoring mainstream philosophies and media because they are wrong.

While each can stand alone, they are arranged in order, the first practise is detailed below and starting at 1:) deals with how we see Space and Time.



In The Forest.
Mindfulness is Life-changing.
The Forest Floor, a Village Lifestyle .  


1:) Space – Parameters


2:) Conversion                 


3:) Time is ENERGY


4:) New Divine Body 


5:)Energy of Time touring round physical body.


6:) Pace of Time