As human beings, our lives are interwoven and entwined with natural rhythms and the natural environment. Within a few minutes of placing ourselves in a forest, on a beach, or at a cottage at the lake, our blood pressure lowers, the stress contributor cortisol lowers in our bodies and we experience varying degrees of tranquillity and euphoria. We are clearly experiencing a direct effect of our interaction with nature.

Many people are rightly getting worried about climate change, global warming, and from carbon emissions.

Governments are slow to react even with small changes because of their and because cutting big oil interests will have a transitional monetary effect.

Often maintaining the Status Quo is easier than implementing Change.

Recently educators have had to apologize for presenting a green Santa Christmas pageant because there are oil paying jobs at risk in a small community. The good news is that Educators everywhere are implementing dialogue of the great changes that are happening all around the globe.

Technology companies and universities are developing tree planting solutions that can make a big dent in global warming. One such company is our local Global TreeGro, who have spent the last 9 years developing their technology. What they are providing is micro-energized tree seedlings with a complete growth matrix surrounding a seed pod. They can broadcast seedlings in Boreal, Coniferous, and Tropical Rain Forests and the Non-GMO seed pod can be sown by drone, or aircraft, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than Growing and Planting young Trees. The Seed pods begin to burst into growth and can start right after a fire or logging operation.

Still, other start-ups are developing nano-film coatings that absorb CO2 and other pollutants. Solar Companies are developing Microtechnologies that directly energize the grid without batteries. Cities and municipalities are banning single-use plastics, bad for big oil, good for everyone else.

Each of us can do our part and get involved, to learn and further educate and enlighten cities and businesses to change packaging and programs to something that is truly recyclable. For example, many universities are exploring innovative ways to use plant cellulose in everything from building materials to packaging to clothing. This will, in turn, empower cleaner, greener products and services.

Let’s give ourselves some hope, a big pat on the back, and increased resolve to clean up our for everyone.

Reference: Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis.