One Path Forward! A Story about Revolutionizing the Marketplace as we enter the year 2020.

It is easy to get caught up and feel helpless or angry with the onslaught of stories about what is wrong in society. Many of us are experiencing ongoing personal frustration and stress over the rush to pollute including young people who can see the wreckage. Imagine if we could somehow all come together to make an immediate change for the betterment of our Natural Environment.

Recycle or Reduce?

For Example, Instead of pumping tons of plastic products produced from oil, out of thousands of factories every day, why not put persistent pressure on businesses and a multitude of plastic products and allow manufacturing of products using organic materials that help improve the soil or that can even be a food source in our Oceans. Right now, plastic does NOT actually recycle or reduce, it simply continues to accumulate. For all intents and purposes, these products never go away and are found in all of our natural places.

The energy cost to produce this plastic is enormous, the transportation costs are wasteful when we ship waste overseas and then the waste is shipped back in containers because small countries become overrun with our arrogance. Landfill costs, incinerator costs, air costs, wildlife loss and Ocean pollution are all costs that can be attributed to big oil and the plastics industry.

In Canada, many of those same plastics factories operate 24 hours a day and are owned by foreign interests. They contract with staffing recruitment companies to find a temporary workforce who trade labour for dollars with zero benefits. This track record is such a shining NEGATIVE example of an eco-friendly industry. “One study found an estimated 1.8m pieces of plastic, old tyres and fishing gear on the sea floor of the Bay of Fundy between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada;” (The Guardian- The plastic polluters won 2019)

Political Pressure

It is also clear, that there is persistent political pressure from the plastics industry to maintain the status quo and to suppress innovation in alternative packaging. Municipal governing bodies try to balance the way forward in a mindful way, but political pressure depresses and slows progress. Just look at the problems around single-use plastics bans as an illustration.

The solutions will be found in new products that are biodegradable, are functional, are inexpensive and convenient. The jobs will flourish and diversify and can spread to rural communities. There is a vigorous research and development wave happening in universities all around the world and all sorts of people are pursuing a better path forward.

What can you do?

We can no longer justify ignoring this issue with out of sight, out of mind thinking and must make every effort to allow innovation to grow and flourish. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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