THE long-standing RACE to RUIN ’s bounty against the more immediate RACE to SAVE ’s bounty.

For more than 13,000 years*, people’s of the land have used intentional burning to renew chemical-free food sources, medicinal and cultural resources, create habitat for wild diverse species, and to reduce the risk of larger, more dangerous wildfires.

Today, our media love to focus on the devastating cost in lives lost, property loss, and people and animals displaced. In the discussions, so often the Wind or Rain events increase the propagation of dangerous WildFire conditions, Flooding, and Fierce Hurricane Winds.

Sadly, the life and financial cost of ignoring the knowledge of our past is very high. If we build our homes and lives in a historical flood plain, our insurance providers are quick to lessen our collective wallets. They often have an “Act Of God“ clause that excludes coverage of events that are often traced back to “Acts of Mankind’s” ignorance. We build our homes in these places because municipalities were accepting the 100-year flood history that the Engineering community, still uses today. The data does not have enough depth of perspective of the historic flooding and homes and businesses suffer.

Large corporations promote the destruction of nature, to further the interests of banks, investors, and fund companies. Companies pursue corporate profits more and more often in National Parks and Preserves and the Tradition Lands of Indigenous Peoples. The collective and blind arrogance of governments and corporations are advancing natural habitat destruction, global destruction, and destruction of indigenous history in the unrelenting hunt for profit.

Swat Teams, Sniper Rifles and Para-Military Organizations are employed to advance the interests of Big Oil, and Mining Interests over the interests of indigenous peoples of the area. Usually in our HOME AND NATIVE LAND!

Imagine if this same mentality happens where you live, work and play? How would you feel if this happened to you?

Lessons from our past


Parks Service, Fire Service, and Environmental Groups are adopting the lessons of the past 13,000 years* of indigenous people who cared for the land.

Around the World, National Parks and Preserves have begun embracing and implementing lessons for forest or grassland burning as rejuvenation lessons from our past. These and other conservation groups have grown to understand that fire is essential for many varieties of tree seed propagation and grassland health.

The Lodgepole Pine, Jack Pine, Giant Sequoia,  White Birch, Aspen, and many more species are examples of pioneer tree species, require Fire to propagate. Many Plant species including the Eucalyptus Trees require either fire or Smoke, to propagate and grow.


In big agriculture, weeds are rapidly adopting resistance to toxic chemical nightmares. Monolithic chemical companies are developing stronger and deadlier mixtures that are poisoning the land and our food chain in the Race to Ruin OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND! The weeds are developing resistance faster than chemical companies can devise and blend a chemical solution to the resistance. These companies then brand the products with tough war like Cowboy rhetoric to get producers to purchase their deadly concoctions. This has become a vicious no-win cycle for the Land and People.

Producers use chemical weed control and chemical crop desiccation, (the application of chemicals to rapidly ripen a crop) in order to harvest a crop quickly due to changing weather windows. The chemical residues are in our water supply and being ingested by humans, plants and animals daily. The grapes that produce our wine, the olives that grace our pallet, the vegetables, pasta and oils, and yes Baby food, are all produced using toxic chemicals in the crop production cycles.

Bees are being wiped out on masse with chemical residue, wetlands are disappearing due to big agriculture filling with soil so they can roll on by without turning or stopping.  Treelines, that used to break the wind, and trap snow for soil moisture are being removed for seeding and harvesting efficiencies. Waterways and large lakes are blooming with toxic algae from fertilizer runoff in springtime. These things negatively impact micro-climate balance and wildlife habitat as well as migratory bird resting places and our use and enjoyment of waterways.

Impact on people

I further submit that the wide-spread and separate events of how people and animals are impacted by Wildfires, Oil Spills, and Global is a massive stress-causing event.  The Property Damage and loss of livelihood is extremely distressing for the people involved and also for the people watching these events unfold on their digital devises.

In our world of global greed, big Companies are ponderously trying to adapt to social pressure, but so many are too far advanced in their operations and business model to change. We all need to pay more attention and perform better management practises to save and restore Forests, Grasslands, the Great Plains and our Oceans for Humankind’s FUTURE USE and ENJOYMENT. This balance is currently tipped towards the RUIN of OUR HOME and NATIVE LAND.

Those Companies, Fund Managers, and Government. Individuals, who act in the manner of a military conquering force should be held accountable and arrested for systematically and relentlessly destroying earth people’s homes, livelihood and Natural Systems. It is after all, sheer arrogance to arrest grandmothers and wives, who defend our native land from ourselves.

Our focus here at Pacific Windforce is to teach that we as people, can not ignore the lessons from our past and that by being more knowledgeable of how Nature, Grass, Earth, Trees, Ocean, are all connected to who we are, directly impacts our personal health and vitality, especially when we are disconnected from with our City Living. If we all become aware and take action to change the status quo we can each begin the steps of saving


Reference: ‘Fire is medicine’: the tribes burning California forests to save them,