When the Owls call the breathless moon

In the Blue Veil of the Night  

The shadows of the Trees appear

Beneath the Northern Lights.


Starting in April of 2022 as various celestial events are in play, and as my coffee perpetually grows cold as I write this, My creative side has had me commissioning two rings, one gold and one silver ring from my amazing friends at Wild Moon and Star in Fort Langley, B.C.   


Their website does reflect their store to visitors, it does not even come close to representing the depth of love, light and creativity embodied in Susan Rind  and Sky Phoenix and I am honoured by their presence and the creative quality of their work.

 The gold for the ring, was supplied by myself and imbued with my personal energy over time. That gold has been reworked into a beautiful ring by Sky Phoenix using his awesome energy with an Emerald, a diamond, and a Ruby. It is simply stunning.

The Silver Dragon Ring, supplied by Sky himself, from Silver in his  collection, is over 200 years old, with a beautiful Amethyst as a stone.                           .

In other words, the love energy tied to these two rings is enormous.While waiting for the Rings to be finished, a new project came out of a desire to create hiking poles for mountain and river bank hiking to use when the dog and I get to gold panning again.

That was followed by a thought,  that maybe someone could build me a pair, followed by the thought that these same poles could do more than help hike. What if they could also be creatively beautiful and transfer energy to Earth at the same time?

The inspiration for energy transference to Earth came from Universal Source, which also found me purchasing two,10 oz Silver Bars.

I then got to thinking, what good is storing silver in a box?  if you don’t get to enjoy it. 

Creative flow led me to realize that Silver would amplify and transfer the energy, so why not embed the bars in the handles of the poles themselves, where I would have direct contact with the metal while hiking. 

All that Energy would transfer through the poles to Earth and look good doing it. 

After discussing with Alex, the inspiration evolved to set the Silver bars in the cherry wood handles, and with some creative wood burning that would etch my totem animals.

Orca, a Fox,  a Wasp, a yellow rose on the left pole, and a red rose on the right pole, with blue tint epoxy waves, from the Orca at the top,  blending down to a Violet Fire Epoxy tint towards the tip.   

Maybe add some Celtic Design leatherwork  somewhere?

This image, then led to finding the name ‘The Walking Blues’  buried in the lyrics of “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes,” from Paul Simon’s Song.

My first inquiry was to a Mr, David McKenzie, who responded back right away to indicate my project was outside of the scope of his awesome Museum quality work.  

The second inquiry, to Alexandra Davies Creations  who does wood burning and epoxy tint artwork.

After calling me back, and we agreed to meet at a Bliss Coffee shop in Peachland B.C. the next day.   On a beautiful sun-kissed  day over a couple of Caramel Macchiato’s,  She began to grow creatively excited as we discussed ideas, and with a handshake and a hug, a commission was born.


I am supplying her with one silver 10oz bar and violet Garnet stones from the gold panning of various Mountain Rivers, and Colby King of Seed to Sky wood company , her wood work contact in Vancouver,  is supplying cherry wood and some violet Amethysts that he has in his possession. 

Here is what Colby had to say:

“ I am super excited to be collaborating with Alexandra in making your walking sticks. These are going to be the most awesome walking sticks anyone has ever seen!

Alex has given me all the information I need to build these beauties but if you have any questions please let me know.

Looking forward to it!


Colby King

Seed to Sky Wood Co.”     https://www.seedtoskywoodco.com/

Again, wonderful creative energy going into the project from people far and wide.

Alexandra tells me everyone she talks to, is pumped over the “Walking Blues”.  WOW!!  This is a great example of how we are all connected to each other.

I feel blessed to know and to engage with so many beautiful people.