Good Morning Everyone,

Each day, we go about our business connected by the ties that bind us. We are Human Beings.

I am blessed to be surrounded by Love, and it becomes easy to share that love with others.

It is a tie that binds, and it is a good one.

Many of you are wrestling with an increased consciousness, and I wish to assure you that no matter how integrated into society you are, How busy you are, how private you are, you are never alone.

Many others are experiencing grief, a passing of a loved one, and a feeling of loss. A feeling of being alone.  Again, you are never alone.

Even as grief is a powerful emotion, so is the opposite emotion of Rapture.

Truly, when one is experiencing either grief or rapture, it is hard to imagine the other. It all depends on one’s emotional progression.

Today, I will simply post these assurances.

Many Blessings each and every one.