Good Morning Everyone, on this Thursday November 18th, 2021.
Here is a message from Ashtar Command , the group of ships guarding our planet, announcing that they will reveal themselves very soon.
It is high time, not only because we have looked to the Stars for a long time, but also because the climate is flexing muscles.  The Province of British Columbia has issued a state of Emergency because of record setting rainfall.  An excerpt from a CBC story.

“The rain fell so furiously, it overwhelmed small rivers and creeks that wouldn’t normally be considered for flood risk. The earth in the area, already soaked to its limit, couldn’t absorb the overflow.

The corn fields on Penner’s five-acre family farm soon turned into a swamp. The property lies in the low-lying Sumas Prairie on what was once the bed of Sumas Lake, a shallow body of water drained roughly 100 years ago to make way for agricultural land.”

One does not have to be a scientist to know that water will fill a hole as in the case of the old Sumas Lake.   It won’t be long before Insurance and Government won’t fund reparation work for living in a hole.  We can definitely use some Divine Help.

Many Blessings for all those people struggling with loss.


The Creator has given the signal for the Galactic Federation of Light to begin appearing in the heavens of the world in large numbers.

The Federation can now openly interact with the people of the world. Yes, it is called Galactic Disclosure and Members of the Earth Alliance Country’s will admit to having prior meetings, training and knowledge. 
The whole world will be able to see giant monitors on the sides of these mother ships and light ships that will convey messages worldwide, much like what you see on our television channels today.
And some people will be invited to step aboard the ships and meet the galactics in person.
Currently and onwards, there will be no further delays to Galactic Disclosure. Which means the that finally these people reveal to everyone.
That doesn’t mean the Earth is doomed as in (War of the Worlds ) movie fears. It Doesn’t mean that all life as you know it will cease to exist. It Doesn’t mean there will be a Great Cataclysm.
Instead, it’s the END of the experiment that was made on Earth for the last years B.C. This was a where the Anunnaki and Reptilians were secretly allowed to rule this world.
The Spiritual Hierarchy decided to extend this to give way for the preparation of the people to gain awareness, and to allow these secret controllers a chance to give up and surrender.

It also means that every human being on Earth will have a chance to know where exactly in the Universe they came from in terms of Galactic Origins. Human DNA holds an embedded code that identifies the true inheritance of each human being. You did not evolve from an Ape.

You came from Pleiades, Atlantia, Sirius, Lemur, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Arcturus, Mushaba, star systems, and the emphasis is given to humans, but that is also especially true for animals. When a full Galactic Disclosure is conducted globally, there will be a re-orientation and re-education of the people of this world about their true history.
This also means that galactic journeys will become possible. You will have a chance to travel and visit the home planet and / or the star system you originally came from.