Good Morning Everyone,  

As we start the weekend, I am reminded from two days earlier, of my hair appointment.

Carol got to telling me how much she enjoys getting ready for Easter, and I instantly flashed back to all the times ( and events) surrounding the Spring Holiday in my past.  From Easter Egg hunts, to family gatherings, and various celebrations, ( new and ancient).

As we mature into adults, many of us become the Easter Bunny, for children young and older, and Carol is no exception.  There was a small brightly coloured basket and various milk chocolate eggs and rabbits on her front counter.  It was hard to ignore.

Fortunately, so many of us like chocolate, that one can hardly go wrong with such an offering.

My very good friend, invited me to A cacao ceremony and even as it appears sold out, I think I will drop by anyway and see what is happening at the front door.   A parking lot experience.  Who knows, maybe the sold out online event has someone I should meet at the last minute.  It is certain to be interesting.

Weekends are a time to ease into the day, and not get wrapped up in Media, but rather spend time on yourself.

Remembering the excitement of small children during this time, is worth “all the tea in China” a phrase my mother often used.

Many Blessings Everyone,