Do you believe in the Magic of Christmas?

After all, Magic is always in the air and the Magic at Christmas is surely more meaningful than at every other time of the year. Let’s take a look.

The joy of family and friends, the joy of giving, the joy of receiving and the joy in every child’s eyes brings together the Magic of Christmas in a very poignant way for each of us.

We all frown and fret with indecision over the Perfect Gift and all the Holiday preparations, But feasting and celebrations are part of our DNA. Few of us miss the chance to roll up the sleeves and carry on. Pure Magic to be sure, although we do grumble with crowds and parking and what to get poor Aunt Sara.

Christmas Magic is also evident in Wishes coming True in big and small ways.

Just prior to writing this piece, I helped distribute gifts to some homes on a cool crisp December day. The pleasure of giving was quietly making its own magic by the surprise in the adult’s faces and the interludes of conversation during those moments.

A very satisfying activity with huge calming benefits in blessings, thank you’s and muted sounds.

As I returned to this post, My Lady unexpectedly blew me a kiss 💋 on the phone right out of her busy office day. It brought a smile and a thought, and Magic was in the Air.

If one has not done so, I recommend volunteering at one of the many Christmas meals for those in need. My own experience was of wondering if there was anything I could further contribute, and then diving in to help with some incredible people from the community at large.

It is less work and more adventure than I would have thought possible. Again, Magic was in the Air.

From myself, Pacific Windforce, and Everyone who helps; Merry Christmas Wishes for Magic and Happiness throughout the Holidays and into 2020.