Good Morning Everyone, 

This morning, is one that for myself, is full of gratitude.

In spite of some stabbing pricks, manifested with a wandering mind, I awoke with a deep feeling of Love and Gratitude .

Yesterday, I touched on grief and rapture.  Fortunately, and at the moment, I am free of grief and solidly in the realm of Rapture.   It is a powerful place to be. 

Also, this morning, I came across this post regarding the Pine Tree and the massive amounts of yellow pollen that drifts around in the wind.

Here in Beautiful Natural British Columbia, my black car has been, and will be soon again, coated yellow with pollen.  A stated position we take here at Pacific Windforce, is that the Forest is beneficial in a symbiotic way to the health of humans.

This is absolutely true in the case of pollen.   I along with thousands of allergy sufferers, start sneezing and weeping pretty constantly about this time.   Now, for the rest of the story.

Pollen, is actually dynamically great for human health and bees like it too.  The elements of pollen are exactly things the body needs, and this is why we encourage spending time, absorbing the benefits of the Forest.


Raw Pine Pollen Tincture

I Encourage each of you to do your own research, and if possible stay away from “over the counter” allergy relief as quite a few are nasty with side effects and or drowsiness.

I have found that anything that loosens and clears Phlegm, is easiest on the system.

Many blessings this day,