A Legendary Store


Good Morning Everyone,

We are nearly in April, a time when Love is in the Air.  After much work I am happy to announce the opening of our STORE here at Pacific Windforce.

Whether you are wishing for a better way, are practising taro, reiki, yoga, or any of the Myriad Meditative Arts, are looking for your Soul Mate, are hoping to change Government, are wishing for truth telling Media, are dreaming more intensely, are craving a holiday in the Sun or are just getting by, the Practises in our store can help everyone on the pathway forward.

Many Folks believe (based on what they see or hear from media) that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.   I am here to disagree and to remind everyone, that as Canadians, we are among the most Peaceful Loving people in the World.

The CBC is supposed to be Canada’s Public Broadcaster, yet daily they post almost exclusively divisive and negatively charged items, with the excuse that this is what the people want.

Seems to me that people want freedom, happiness, good bounty, and good Health.

The TRUCK Convoy was, and still is, a Peaceful Protest, aimed at bringing National Attention to Charter of Rights Violations.

No where were rights violated More profoundly that the seizing of bank accounts of our citizens.

‘What about the use of Militarized Police, in a peaceful protest? One which, the CBC suspected would become violent.  A tactic Police use against protest by First Nations Peoples and Environmentalist groups almost always. 

The Public Broadcaster failed in their duty to the public, by supporting government and denouncing the protest as somehow a threat to the country.

It is no wonder we all need a long vacation in the Sun.  But let’s start by saying no more.

Please explore some of the practises from the store.  Maybe, a light will come on and start to shine brightly for you, or someone you love.

Many Blessings Everyone,