Good Morning Everyone,

 I am constantly amazed by how fragile our modern society shows itself to be, when climate or man made disaster events occur.

Forest Fires burn through City’s and Towns, and many people promise to rebuild.  It takes more than a cycle of seasons to complete a massive rebuild.

Now, before one cycle is complete,  record breaking rain and flooding across an entire region has further damaged the towns that were recovering from the first event.

In the Province of British Columbia, Every Road and Railroad in the lower mainland, has had major wipeouts do to wildly cascading rivers of mud and debris coming off of the Mountains.  Entire sections of road and all railroads are gone (swept away) in multiple places.  Bridges are wiped out.  People have been swept off of roadways in their cars and some are still missing.

 Entire regions in B.C. Including the Port City of Vancouver are cut off from supply corridors for things like grains,  food and fuel just to name a few.  Grocery outlets have no produce, milk, eggs and dairy are non existent.  We have a lot of farms that supply milk and eggs in the delta region of the Lower Mainland and they are under water.  Thousands of animals, (cows, pigs, chickens and so on) have perished.

The government is asking people not to panic buy or hoard foodstuffs, yet the bare shelves are representative of normal grocery volumes when supply is cut off.
There exists a State of Emergency at this moment, media is full of pictures and story’s about the heroics and impact this has had on the people in the region.   The rainfall was a product of The Pineapple Express, a so called Atmospheric River out of the Pacific Ocean.. This event is a normal occurrence in the winter months here, and is the latest of a few similar events this fall/winter. This, all in the matter of a couple of days.

I wonder what will be, when the next system arrives off the Pacific, dumping more rain on already damaged systems.

People, it is plain to me that we are fragile in the face of climate changes and are likely to rebuild in flood prone areas again and again and again.  

At the moment, I am not discussing Sea Level Rise, even as The new build of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver is delayed because they are taking several meters of sea level rise into consideration with the foundational work.   I assume the Paramedics, Doctors and Staff will happily arrive by boat as the front door could up in the air.

I am not discussing Earthquake either, but if one decided to strike at this time, it would spell the end of times in B.C.’s Lower Mainland.

Furthermore, we have been warned to better prepare for supply shortages.  Many people, are not able to prepare, and in fact we are mostly all on day to day restocking of grocery’s etc.   We value fresh rather than stored produce. Who wouldn’t ?  I am not offering advise on how to prepare as that is an individual choice, I am suggesting that we do prepare for hardship to come.

Many Blessings in your world as you know it.