Good Morning Everyone,  on this Friday in early December.

I am easing into this day with coffee, then followed by some chocolate, just to add a bit of kick start to the day.  These are survival essentials that I choose not to live without.   I am sure many of you agree!

This message is from Ashtar Command, and it simply talks a lot about inner awareness.  We are all moving rapidly to a new World Order, however, this new order is a Divine Plan. It is neither right or left politically.

I want to add that Mike Quinsey is indicating that Any Nuclear attempt by any Nation will  have it’s missiles rendered non functional and that all other weaponry will also be rendered non functional.

When we put this capability in the context of thought during media attention to it, The weaponry becomes obsolete and The fear of war is eliminated in the blink of an eye.

The power of Positive Thought at work.

Many Blessings Everyone.

Hello, it is Ashtar! I am here with members of the Galactic Federation.

As you know, we the Federation, are becoming more widespread in the knowledge and consciousness of the human realm. This is a beautiful thing to celebrate, for it is important that humanity – whether they are awake or not – understand that there are governing groups of Beings that are here to assist. It is important for humanity to know how loved, protected, and supported they all are.

The Next Steps for Humanity

As we move into more positive times, help will come in some areas more quickly than others. All in all, we are extremely pleased and delighted with not only the progress of humanity with regards to raising their vibration and awakening, We are also extremely pleased with the progress of the Galactic Federation in its efforts with regards the liberation of Earth and humanity. We have reached many and several pivotal milestones. For that reason, yes, we have been in celebration mode for some now.

However, as we have previously mentioned, there is always work to do.  The work that we are turning to now, is very broad, it has many arms and legs.

One of these key initiatives is about overcoming the confusion that has been polluting your airwaves. As the influences that are not of the light are slowly and surely being removed, it is increasingly important to transmit a positive dialogue, positive messages that are steeped in truth, and that bring about a feeling of hope, and power for humanity.

It is for humanity to connect to, not only their collective power, but also to their own inner power.
Allow Your Inner Light to Guide You

Inner Power, our dear friends, is in some ways far more complex than what you have been told. In many other ways, it is also far simpler than what you have learned.

Inner Power is about your ability to attune to your truth and to allow yourself to be guided by what resonates with you from a place of love, peace, and joy – regardless of what you are hearing or being told from people around you. It is about allowing your inner light to act as your true north, to act as your moral compass, free of any influence or judgment that you may be receiving or perceiving from the external world.

This is power, it is sovereignty on all levels. It is a sovereignty of thought, it is a sovereignty of feeling, the freedom, and the independence to do – or not do – that which resonates with you. This is power, this is inner power.

When you learn to recognize that you are all powerful beings of light, this will bring you one step closer to activating your inner power and to operating, living, and experiencing in a way that is in alignment with what your greatest good entitles you to.
We could speak much about inner power.   It is our goal to help humanity connect to this moral compass to help them feel and experience a freedom from within.

For you dear ones, freedom not only comes from the circumstances and society that surrounds you, Freedom first begins within you. It is a freedom of doing as you feel compelled to do, as long as it is resonating from a place of love and joy. 

Universal Abundance & Love is Yours to Behold

We will say this dear ones, you are children of the universe. It is your birthright to feel and experience love, joy, freedom, and harmony.

There have been many, many misleading teachings upon your realm that this or that is limited, that it must be earned, that it must be toiled for, that it is only the right of a few privileged individuals, when in fact, all children of the universe are entitled to this birthright.

The universe is infinitely loving, infinitely healing, and infinitely abundant. The sooner you recognize this, and open yourselves up to these birthrights, the sooner you will come into a place where you will receive, connect to, and experience all that you desire.

Our message today is about recognizing your inner light, honoring your inner power, and recognizing that you are entitled to feeling and experiencing love and light, abundantly and consistently. It does not need to be fought for, dear ones. It is as easy as accessing it within yourselves.

Sometimes the obstacles are internal obstacles, This is why we always encourage you to do your inner work, to heal, to overcome, to allow love to be your main guide, your leader in thought. There is so much love for you, dear ones, we are always with you.

We lead you. We follow you. We work with you. We uplift you. We shine the light upon you, and we help you shine the light that is within. And with that, we wish you all peace, love, and ongoing hope.

The Galactic Federation