Good Morning on this November 16th Tuesday everyone.

The Wind and rain event over the last number of hours has caused massive flooding in various Towns and Citys,  mudslides on highways that required helicopter rescues, power and cell phone outages, deep blowing snow in the mountains, and strong gusty winds. This is as a storm event on the West Coast.

 I am lingering over coffee this morning because I wished to press home a message of the core mission of what Pacific Windforce exemplifies.

This mission is devotedly  centred around remembering the Essence of Who We Are.  

As a child, we were, without exception, very sensitive, open and we easily picked up on what was going on in the moods and ideas around us: in our parents and in the world around us. Many of us found joy in creating bubbles with rainbow colours.

In the since, we have experienced what it is like to have oppressive ideas, and especially oppressive energies, around us. Those energies have partly smothered us and have curtailed our originality – the song in your soul.

To hear that song again and to start living it, the first thing that is needed is for you to begin to stand up and say “no” to what does not suit you, and to become intimately aware of who you are!  You do have permission to “Just Say No”.  You have permission to again blow bubbles if you wish.

So, if adapting to living an “ordinary life” is not right for you, it becomes important that you accept this determination because living an “ordinary life” does go against the purpose of your mission, of your soul.

You can be part of an underground stream, someone who wants to bring living light to Earth, who wants to break open old structures of fear and power, going on in the world today.  That is your childlike essence.

You are here to be yourself, to express yourself with your unique light, your urge for renewal, your dreams that reach beyond the familiar, the existing everyday order.

You dream of a new Earth, of a new consciousness, an Extra-Ordinary life.   Those dreams are you.

The Angels are rooting for us all.