Good Afternoon Everyone on this Saturday, March 26th 2022.

Many of you are aware that the U.S. and Other World Governments intentionally suppress information about our human past and present for that matter.

Here is A Case in point,    In 2003, a underground structure was discovered in Romania, by the U.S. using ground penetrating radar.

This structure, while very old, contained extra-Terrestrial technology not known to modern society.

Check the story on, where Dr. Michael Salla writes:

“Inside the mysterious structure was a fabulous repository of ancient information—a veritable Noah’s ark of forgotten knowledge and genetics stored holographically. This ancient Hall of Records was built by a tall race of giants or human-looking extraterrestrials. The Romanian “Hall of Records” has been involved in a complex geopolitical struggle between the Pentagon, Romanian government, and senior Freemasons vying to either release or suppress information coming out into the public arena.” 

I imagine this Hall was created for us by the Anunnaki, a race of tall beings described on this Website under  Our History and The Future.

Is it now high governments came clean to the public about this and other suppressed information that we are deemed too ignorant and unimportant to know.

Never mind infighting politically to no avail, it is for the people to rise up and demand answers, for the greater good of HUMANITY.

Many Blessings Everyone.