Good Morning Everyone,

This morning, I wish to touch on something near and dear to us all.   LOvE.

I woke up with a refrain in my head by Paul Simon, where he sings, “losin love is like a window in your heart, everybody knows your blown apart”.  

It is soon time to garden and grow. For many of us, it is a welcome relief from being blown apart.

After the window in your heart winter, where a lot of love has been lost to the wind, sifting soil is for many, peaceful bliss.  We don’t need to go to an event/ceremony to find bliss, we simply need to plant a flower.

As I look around at different clusters of local culture, even from town to town,  I am half blown away and half incredibly grateful for the different efforts to find love or seek out Love.

When we are surrounded by love, in all it’s degrees and forms, We Thrive and feel alive, empowered, and grateful.

In todays world, it is so easy to hate, or get frustrated, when bombarded with media opinions.  I say opinions, because every story is edited with the goal of a prize for a future award for the writer. Certainly not for your better health and welfare.

However, if we set our intention to have a wonderful day, with a few smiles, a thank you and maybe a laugh or two, we will have a love filled day.  We will have created love, with our intention,  it is a magic in all of us.

Sending a multitude of blessings in your day, along with a healthy dose of Love and Light.