Originally we were in the business of Sailing Vacations and Weekend Getaways on large sleek sailing yachts all throughout the South Coast of British Columbia. Mostly catering to people, who, wanted to have fun, do some sailing, and enjoyed every minute on the water.

We enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine over cheese and crackers on sunny summer afternoons, while drift driving under sail through the Islands.

It was a time that Legendary Stories were born, out of everyday moments.  Like the sun drenched afternoons with wine, that one simple memory would endure the fond test of time because it connects us to so much more.

Now, our focus has evolved more to Providing Pathways into the Wild Natural Environment to remember, rediscover, and refresh, within the framework of learning.

We are now more aligned with the idea of a wild intuitive interlude, to first Relax , and Second, to learn how to recognize our Stress.

We, at Pacific Windforce, enlist the life energies of Ocean, Forest, and Animals, as fundamental pillars to becoming aware of how all life connects and how we are connected to all life.

It doesn’t hurt that the scenery is – Take your Breath Away –  beautiful.

Eagle, Heron, Sea Gull, Deer, Otter, Whale, Porpoise, Sea Lion, Seal, Bear and Raccoon, all provide a backdrop of support. We are truly able, to solve that feeling of detachment, of having been away from Nature too long.  This is who we are.

Legendary Storytelling is a big part of our programming as everyone has a story to be told and shared.

Gerald Austin