Discover the Magic in the Forest with our Nature Walks

  • Guided interpretive walks with Gerald Austin the founder of Pacific Windforce.
  • Where: Vancouver, North Vancouver, Fraser Valley
  • When: Saturday’s starting in Spring
  • Investment: $35 per person, or Bring a friend, 2 | $50
  • During: 12:30 - 2:30
  • Discover & Learn ways to Re-Connect With Nature
  • Boost your Immunity and lower your stress

In each session, Gerald will guide the group through
a variety of nature-based practices while interpreting the surrounding biodiversity.

Colour your Outlook with our Docks and Beaches workshops

2020 Programs Coming Soon….

Become one with the Ocean Tides in our Decks programs

“The Lure of  Being One with the Ocean Tides starts when you cast off and Sail Away”

We get up close and personal with the Wind, Wave and Tide on a comfortable sailing yacht.

Early Spring departure dates tend to start Easter Long Weekend.

These longer duration modules do much more than awe and inspire, They also generate fond memories  where we “Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky”.

This module is all inclusive of provisions, refreshments, and ashore time. Many yachts have on-board furnaces for cool evenings

These modules must be fully booked in advance.

There are so many close personal ways to interact with Oceans Nature that all Programs are expandable and adaptable, as is possible and prudent in the time allotted.

Ample time ashore, or on board, to Bring Your Intuition to Fruition!

Online Learning

2020 Programs Coming Soon…