“Pacific Windforce Provides Pathways “Into the Natural World of Plants, Animals and Ocean“ To Relax And Rejuvenate With Moments in Nature that Range from Simply Beautiful to Awe Inspiring.”

We easily understand that the care of and connection to the natural world and to each other is our most important tool in our busy and ever changing lives.

Creative Energy

Creative Energy

We recognize art and expression in all forms as creative energy.

We recognize a future duty to ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

We listen to and recognize our spirit guides.



We listen to and recognize the wisdom of ancient and Indigenous peoples.

We listen to and reinforce the connection we have to all land and marine wildlife.



We recognize teachings from long ago dynasty’s that hold truth through time.

We recognize that we live in a Wild Wild West in Canada, a mere neophyte among civilization’s, giving an opportunity to step out of the norm and forge a better Path Forward.

 Quiet natural abundance is just a step away.

And we strive to provide innovative and fun access to the Outdoors and Cutting Edge Programs and Unique Learning Experiences to help Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.

 We incorporate techniques for adapting to change, building resilience to Stress, and improving relationships through Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Photography, Sailing Yacht adventures and walks in the Forest.

We even like to connect with each other through  our various Nature Based programs to reinforce learning and growing.

We use Quiet Moments and Tidal Movement on a comfortable Sailing Yacht, Grounding in Nature on our Walks, Story Telling, Music, Laughter over dinner, Exercise And a Sharing Of The Outdoors in a Voyage, a Trek, or an Incredible Mountain Experience, That Are All Used To Bring Balance Into These Moments That Will Stay With You For A Long Time.

We employ the four natural elements of Earth, Wind, Water and Fire and we let Nature embody the fifth.

To accomplish this, we use, at different times, a connection to Animals, the Forest, the Ocean, The Mountains, The Rivers, and The Past.

We use The Incredible Outdoors Scenery, Cutting Edge Electronic Presentations, Proven Best Practices and Knowledgeable Guides to connect Nature’s supports with You In your busy everyday.

We provide ongoing refreshers with simple everyday techniques that you can envelope yourself in (especially while at work) so that your positive energy and outlook amplifies.  Just imagine the feeling of relaxing at a cottage on the lake.

The more you feel this happen, the more you can grow confidence.

On top of it all, the science is in. Measurable health and wellbeing benefits are immediate and lasting.

We see our programs and Tools as an important pillar of support to ongoing Natural Health and Professional Practice.

Because everything is connected, the results tend to be more well rounded  on a personal level.

Now.. That’s the Spirit!

Research on direct health benefits of Nature in Ocean and Forest Settings.

Just a short interlude in forest, stream, or on the Ocean, is associated with improved mood and feelings of health and robustness.

Levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol, markedly decreased in people in natural settings compared with control groups in artificial settings.

Natural settings, along with activity, significantly mitigates the root cause of a multitude of ailments.

Here is a Quick list of culprits that are mitigated.

  • Headache
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Skin Disorders
  • Athsma
  • Arthritis

Forest and Ocean programs catalyze increased Parasympathetic nervous system activity, which prompts rest, conserves energy, and slows down heart rate, while increasing Intestinal and glandular activity.

( In pressure and stress  settings, over exposure to these same chemicals increase anxiety, depression, heart disease, weight gain, and memory and concentration impairment.)

Forest retreat


There are higher benefits:

  • Indigenous consciousness
  • Physco evolutionary theory
  • Naturalistic intelligence
  • BioPhillia
  • Spiritual Connections
  • Ethical Care
    • The land Ethic
    • Ecofeminism
    • Eco psychology
    • Children’s development